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Kidocracy is inspired by the Brehons of Ireland, an ancient tribe of lawmakers who would shape some of the earliest human rights and equality laws in Europe. The show sees the return of the last Brehon as he confronts the leader of Tyrantocracy who is attempting to win over followers to her Tyranny!  


The show has several sections which include a multitude of fun interactive games designed to inspire children to think about what it means to be a leader.  Kidocracy stresses the importance of participation in community and seeks to inspire all children to see their own potential as leaders.  Ultimately, Kidocracy highlights the importance of working together to overcome all obstacles, including Tyrants! 


To demonstrate to children that leading is not about being right, but about not being afraid to fail. It gives them an opportunity to experience the same obstacles that world leaders face on a daily basis as they begin their journey to solving some of the biggest questions that society faces.  

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